Measuring equipment

High Accuracy Wirebonding Measurement Instrument

Automatic measurement avoids human measurement errors.
Unified measurement definitions and specifications.
It is convenient to execute program download, data upload and tracking.
High repeatability and precision.
Manpower saving.
Report & report format can be easily self-defined.
SECS as a option。
Auto Load / Unload as a option.


This Instrument is developed for wirebonding process, such as ball height, ball thickness. loop height ...etc.  measuremnt.
Also it has die bonding measurement functions as option, such as die tile, totated....


Model WM-5100II
X,Y,Z travelling X axis(mm) 350
Y axis(mm) 300
Z axis(mm) 150
Total stage X * Y(mm) 570*470mm2
Motion control system Indenpent servo motor
X/Y Resolution 0.5μm
Z Resolution 0.1μm
X/Y Axis Tolerance ≦(3+L / 200) μm  L: Object length , Unit : mm
Vision System
  • Camera CCD:  Color 1/2"  CCD
  • Object Length : High Resolution Object Lens
  • OBLM: 5X、20X、50X
  • Digital M :136X~1367X
Software  Self-developed QC3000
Lighting LED
Weight(KG) 700kg
Dimensions(mm) 1200*1300*1820 (Signal Tower Excluded)
Power 500W(Computer,Monitor Excluded)
Voltage 220V(Single)

Final pecifications are subject that been shipped