Measuring equipment

Semi-Auto Vision Measurement System

Program-controlled with constant current eight-zones cold lighting source, suitable for complex work-piece measurement.
Self developed measurement software
High-resolution 1/3" color camera.
The laser pointer is used to find the specified position of the workpiece , which can be adapted to complex workpiece measurement.
Height auxiliary measurement is available.
With T-slot work stage design, easily to install various fixtures without limitation.
Grating ruler with 0.5 um resolution.
The foot switch cooperates with the software, easy operation.
Three modes of focus speed on Z axis.


This instrument has been widely used in 2D axis measurement in variety of applications. Such as machinery, electronic parts,plastic..etc. 


Model MVM-3020MZ MVM-4030MZ
Stage Outter Ring (mm) 500*330 606*466
Glass Stage (mm) 350*250 450*350
Moving Range(mm) 300*200 400*300
X、Y、Z、Resolution 0.5μm
Moving Accuracy (μm) E1XY=2.5+L/100
Dimensions(mm) 760*600*900 970*670*940
Weight (kg) 168 266
Z axis working range 150mm
Image System      
  • Camera : Color 1/3CCD
  • O.L Magnifications :0.7X~4.5X
  • Total Magnifications :33X~195X
  • F.O.V : 8.1mm~1.3mm
Power Supply AV100V~240V  50/60Hz
Power 10W(Computer Excluded)

※Specifications are basen on the products that is shipped※