Measuring equipment

Nano/Micro grade 3D Surface Measurement Instrument

Auto Focus
Auto Motion (400 mm X 400 mm)
Calculation bases on ISO definitions
Intranet management


Application of 3D nano grade surface measurement

Instrument combines an optical microscope and a white light interferometer, It can proceed precise scanning without complex optical design.

Nano Grade with compact,programmable and easily operation.

With 400 mm 3D vertical scanning range measuremant. suitable to all material/micro devices surface inspection and finding.

Application fiels

  • (Wafer)
  • (DVD Disk / Hard Disk)
  • (MEMS Components)
  • (LCD)
  • (HDIPCB)
  • (IC Package)
  • Material or Micro device with surface study

High Speed Processing Software (lmgScan)

  • WIth Imgcan pre-processing software, analysize the interference fringes automatically。
  • Comprehensive resolution up to 0.1nm.
  • High speed analysize algorithm, makes the result comes out quickly。
  • Easily setting and operation。
  • 10X, 20X and 50X interference object lens available。
  • Satge with digital meter,easy positinging。
  • Manual/Auto light intensive adjusting function, to get the best contrast interference fringes。
  • High Presicion PVSI and High Speed VSI measurement modes are available。
  • Semi-Transprant 3D measurement is available with patent analysize algorithm
  • Auto points make up function。
  • Scanning direction is changeable。

Pro 3D Graphics processing and analysis software(PostTopo)

  • Multi-functions and friendly operation interface of 3D graphics processing and analysis.
  • Auto surface flatness process function。
  • With self-software calibration function to STD Block Guage。
  • With line and area analysis functions for depth and height.
  • Linear analysis provedes traceable ISO roughness and waviness definition measurement。
  • Providing up to 17 ISO measurement parameters and 4 additional measurement data。
  • Area analysis provides both graphical and statistical analysis。
  • With muti 2D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) processing function in smoothing,sharpening and digital filtering.
  • Result output with multi foramt. Graphic in BMP and  text in EXCEL format