Optical ruler

Absolute Linear Encoder

BiSS C , SSI serial communication are employeed
0.01um high resolution
Multiple serial protocols, can be customized
Optional digital/analog signal output
Super cost-effective


 Absolute optical ruler is used in CNC machine tools
                               Absolute optical ruler is the best cost-effective choice for all servo control machine tools, and can             be applied to most control machine tool applications, such as processing equipment: lathes, milling                           machines, grinders, electric discharge machines, PCB punching machines and gear processing machine tools.

                         The position can be obtained immediately after power-on, no need to find a reference point, and               the subsequent electronic circuit can read the position of the optical scale at any time.

 Mechanical structure
                         It adopts a closed structure, an aluminum shell and a special designed dust-proof strip to protect               the grating, sensor and track from dust and cutting fluid pollution.

 Precision inspection
                              Each optical ruler provides a laser interferometer accuracy inspection report.


Effective travelling 200mm-1800mm
Measurement standard Glass grating
Signal cycle 20 μm
Accuracy level ±3μm  , ±5μm  ,±10μm  (per1000mm)
Resolution 0.01 μm
Communication protocol BissC, SSI

Other Specifications

Analog signal 1 Vpp
Moving speed 120m /min
Operating voltage DCV 5 V + 10%
Temperature range 0 °C to 50 °C
Antifouling level IP53
Organization width 35 mm
Cable length 3.5 m
Effective weight 0.371 kg + 1.76 kg/m*L0
Power consumption < 800 mW
Current consumption <160 mA @ DC 5V
Output resistance 27 Ω
Thermal expansion coefficient 8 µm/m/°C
Storage temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Humidity range 20% - 80%
BISS transfer speed  2.5 MHz

※Specifications based on product that orderd※