Inspection Equipment

Auto Stencil Steel Inspection Machine

* Gerber file converting fast and can be interpreted quickly
* Defect is repeatable, you can quickly go to the position to inspect and confirm the defect.
* High-precision mapping function to ensure complete image and precise positioning
* Three-point positioning of the steel plate, quickly aligning and matching
* Easy to operate, after completing the first setting, two buttons can quickly start the test
* Tension measurement , quickly understand the tension of the steel plate, whether there is deformation.
* Software flexibility, customization


  1. Comparison stencil steel with Gerber files automatically.
    (1)Inspection Items: Insufficient holes、More Hole、Offset、Oversize Aperture.
    (2)Manual Measurement:Hole Area、Positioned、Length、Diameter
    (3)Auto Steel tension measurement.
  2. The Best Stencil Steel AOI machine
    (1)QC inspection after laser dicing and before outgoing.
    (2)Quality check before staring SMT stencil process
    (3)Inspection of soler paste residue and foreign drop after steel cleaning
  3.  Fiels of application:PCB、SMT、Semi-conductor and IC package etc.…
  4. Leading the industry to introduce surface dent detection


Travelling Distance (600mmx 600mm)
1922 x 1762 x1452 (L xWxH) mm
Weight(kg) 1050kg
Power Supply 220V/ 20AMP
Compressed air
5kg/cm2, 30L/min
Humidity Temp. 10~30  oC 、Humidty:35~70%
Camera 1200 pixels CCD Camera
Lens Mega pixel telecentric lens, high contrast illumination
Lighting Surface / Bottom Light
Equipment Performance

Inspection speed
3 frame/sec,  Finishing 500x500mm inspection is at around 5min
Examination range 50mmx50mm~600mmx600mm  (With frame 740mm x 740mm)
Resolution (STD) 3.45um.  (Adjustable, depending on customer spec.
Minimum Defect detection 10.35um (Minimum side length and non-transparent residue)   Minimun hole diameter 30um

※Final Sepcification is based on the machine that shipped ※