Inspection Equipment

Micro LED Inspection Machines

MIM-5050 Micro LED Inspection Machine
Manual placement, automatic displacement
Automatic measurement, automatic report output
Granite base, with air-floating double anti-vibration
High precision motor
Low manpower, low maintenance cost
Connection management (SECS/GEM) (optional)


Manual unwinding and lighting
Provide Design guide and positioning point graphics, so that customers can follow during production
It can read 2D barcodes, 0.5mm x 0.5mm (16 dots * 16 dots)
Equipped with ion fan (Bar type) and ESD electrostatic protection mechanism
Install HEPA & meet Class 1000 clean room level
Set up a translucent PVC observation window to monitor the current inspection progress in real time
Granite line horse precision positioning platform, X, Y stroke 580mm, reproducibility +/-1um, resolution 0.1um
Z-axis servo precision positioning platform, stroke 100mm, repeatability +/-2um, resolution 1um
Install membrane type shock absorbers to reduce the impact of vibration
Set up contrast type blocking shutters to maintain operational safety


機型 WIM-3020
Dimensions 1100 mm x 1340 mm x 1670 mm
Load 30 Kgs
Stage Travelling 580 mm x 580 mm x 100 mm

Maximum moving Speed  X,Y
200 mm/Sec
X,Y,Z Resolution 0.1/0.1/0.5 (um)
Lighting 500 nm  LED
CCD ½” 11M Pixels 
Lens magnification 10X (0.55um), 3X (1.65um)……..
Optical scale display Tolerance
X,Y ( 2.5+ L/100)  , Z (4+L/100)
Weight (kg) about 900 Kgs

※Final specifications depends on the machine that shipped※